Horrible Yahoo! News Comments

Collecting the worst opinions man has to offer

Hello, and welcome to the First Annual Horrible Yahoo! News Comments Tumblr’s Rob Gronkowski Gay-Bashing Extravaganza! 

Now, I hate the Patriots as much as any other NFL fan, but there’s just something about Rob Gronkowski that warms the cockles of my heart. It’s either his boyish enthusiasm, his utter lunkheadedness, or his penchant for dancing shirtless with his bros. It was this last item from Yo Soy Fiesta that prompted one of the dumbest stories ever posted on Yahoo!, which, as you readers have seen, puts it in the running for dumbest thing ever written in the history of everything.

But that’s not all. Yahoo!’s commenters just can’t let Gronk be Gronk. He’s shirtless. His friends are around. He’s clearly gay. I’d post some long-winded rebuttal to that point, but, instead, here’s 1000 words:


That’s Gronk with porn star Bibi Jones. There’s a second picture, too, which I’ll link to, since it’s less safe for work. 

Party on, Gronk.

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